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01359 244830
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Corporate and Social Responsibility

At DMA Health & Safety, we take our corporate responsibility seriously, and believe that it is an intrinsic component of our business management. As such we seek to ensure we apply the expected principles across all areas of what we do.

We have adopted a holistic CSR strategy with a long term ethical approach and are committed to implementing sustainable management decisions with a determined position through our goals and objectives.

We recognise that these principles need to be balanced with what is right for our business, our performance, and our continuing development and success. In achieving this balance as a core value we:

  • Are able to attract, develop and retain talented staff
  • Are able to build close relationships with our customers and suppliers
  • Are able to engage with and support our local communities
  • Are able to impact positively on our environment

To read more on the DMA Health & Safety core values and accreditations, please download them as a PDF by clicking on the following links: